BailRic Internet Marketing Business Overview

Many small and medium size businesses are looking for affordable marketing solutions to increase awareness of their products and services. BailRic will focus on acquiring customers in the Greater Toronto Area who are business owners, entrepreneurs and local organizations. Focusing on this target market of professional working age people is the best option for the list of services we plan to provide.

• Web Design
• Domain hosting
• Responsive web design
• SEO (search engine optimization)
• SEM (social engine marketing)
• E-commerce (online sales)
• Mobile compatible content
• CMS (content management system)
• Online advertising
• E-mail hosting

The focus of BailRic will be web design, while providing additional digital and creative marketing solutions. Additional services can accompany a website, but can also be used individually to maximize our customer base. Providing tailored marketing solutions will help our clients enhance their customer experience and increase awareness through communication and promotion. Marketing services will include web design, Internet advertising business cards, and print media design to meet the needs of small businesses, groups and individuals.

The customer base for BailRic ranges from artists, musicians and interior designers. The hope is to expand our customer base to cover more individuals and entrepreneurs looking to promote their business or organization. Clients are guided through the creative process step by step with the ability to make changes and updates as milestones are met. Most extras are included in competitively priced packages to meet the needs of our clients. With our business model there is more flexibility adjust terms to cut costs and improve customer satisfaction.

By providing services and customization in the options available, will allow the business to establish a place in the market and provide a competitive advantage.

As many small and medium size businesses are looking for affordable marketing solutions with in the Greater Toronto Area BailRic is well positioned to meet the needs of the market to focus on. As BailRic utilizes the resources of service providers and in-house creative thinking there it can perform in many profitable niche and broad markets. The core capabilities will support the foundation of services while opening up new areas of develop.


Before each project, there will be a discussion about opportunities, milestones and a time frame for project completion. Part of the production process may depend on timely delivery of content from the client.