How Much Content Do I Need For A Website?

Content Options
When starting a new web site you can choose one of two routes for creating content. The first option is to create everything yourself, which is a great option as you would know better than anyone else what your message should be. Also creating your own text allows you to craft the message in your own words giving your writing a personal feel. The second option would be to outsource it to a company such as BailRic which would either rewrite the content you provide or based on research create original content for your site which would also meet the goals of engaging your target audience. So, depending on the amount of time you can devote to the site’s development, the choice is up to you. In the remainder of this blog post you can find a brief overview of what each section of your site should contain, including talking points and the appropriate word count for each website area.


When creating content for your website you should get started with the About page. With this page, as your starting point, you can guide the creation and key areas of interest of your new site. On the About page, you will describe just that; what your site is about and who it’s for. You may also want to add some personal information about yourself to make the message more relatable.

The Contact page is the easiest page to create because it only consists of one or two short paragraphs. This page simply describes the ways people can contact you and also serves as encouragement to pose questions. This is also a great place to direct people to social media links and share feedback. This page should welcome questions and provide some benefits of sharing information about the site and what you do.

For the main content, you can break the pages up into categories so you have a page for each main subject. You can also group subjects together if it flows better for improved readability and flow of information. You can start with one-page touching base on a category of interest and expand to additional pages once you have more written.

In addition to your main content, you can also add subpages which focus on articles or subjects which fall into your main categories. This allows you to separate ideas in a way which further increases readability and helps to organize the flow across the site. With subpages, you can add more afterward if you would like to provide more detailed information about a particular subject.

Finally, finishing with the home page is a great way to wrap things up. I would recommend finishing with the home page because it partially summaries the site as a whole and can help point out areas which need the most attention for review and rewriting. On the homepage, you want to provide a welcoming message along with brief descriptions of featured content to guide people to the key areas of your site.

The Process
Once you have started the process it will be easier to refine the site as a whole. After the first draft of the site, you can beef things up or cut the fat if needed, but in the beginning, the best thing to do is just getting started with typing out your ideas. The best thing for the content of your site is to polish your work till you have the gems that will get people interested in the ideas you have provided.

How much content (words) will I need for each page?

  • Homepage 300-500
  • About page 300-400
  • Contact page 200
  • Content page 300 and up
  • Sub content page 150 and up

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