What Do I Need To Start A Professional Blog?

We make the process of setting up a blog simple and easy because we use the appropriate tools for blogging success. BailRic provides clients with advanced features including e-commerce and membership functions to allow monetization of your site. Whether you are sharing food tips, promoting products/services or building a community we can help you start blogging.

Getting a blog started is generally one of the few hard parts of the process and gradually becomes easier as you get a better handle of how things work. With a monthly post at minimum, you have room to take a break when needed and still have content for regular followers. Posts between 200 to 600 words per post are ideal, but the more the better. In this range posts will be easier to find in search engines, which means more traffic for the site.

The content you create in advance should be evergreen as in non-time sensitive. With a regular monthly blog post you may get too busy to create a full post for a given month. With a number of previously made posts you will provide leeway for a month or more of content to keep followers happy. It is always preferred to have current fresh content but allowing your self space with extra content can help when you have other priorities.

Additional content for a blog site should include:

  • Hello and welcome comment for homepage – 150 to 300 words
  • About page with 300 to 500 words about the blog in general, reason for the blog and more about you
  • Contact page 100 to 200 words about communication details

Once you have enough content you site will be ready to launch on auto pilot with minimal maintenance required aside from the occasional post or update.

At BailRic we simplify and manage the back-end processes needed to keep blogs running. We set up everything needed to customize and host your individual blog no matter the audience. With the technical details covered, you are free to focus on building relationships with new followers through posts and interacting with you’re new community.