Do I Need an Ecommerce Website?

With the correct ecommerce tools and support selling products to the global marketplace can be a user friendly automated process.

An ecommerce solution adds a 24/7 revenue source so you never have to turn a customer away. Whether you are taking time off for a vacation or focusing on family or friends the right automated system will continue to generate sales. Customers can make payments through many secure gateways which can process payments from PayPal and major credit cards. This means clients can make payments with a process they trust. Automating the sales process allows for easy and simple processing of orders with prompt secure payment, the only worry will be delivering the product. There are a number of ways to deliver products and services depending on if it is a physical item, service or digital download which can be sent over the the internet directly.

Ecommerce allows people from all over the world to access products and make a purchase from any locations you specify. With the right system in place you will have the tools to automate many of the processes associated with shipping. BailRic provides custom platforms that calculate shipping based on location size and any other factors of concern. If you are selling physical products which need to be shipped you can even limit sales to specific areas and countries. Limiting shipping locations is important to avoid lengthy shipping times or the red tape associated with cross border fees or processing.

When selling services you may also want to pick geographic regions and adjust price based on level of service or any other factors that could impact profitability. For example a courier service who accepts delivery orders online my want to limit their service to certain cities where drivers are available. This delivery business can also vary rates based on delivery speed or times to provide a client with more flexibility. Such features can be applied to any service based business depending on it’s individual needs.

Selling content such as ebooks, media, software and other downloadable content is a highly profitable business model as the product is delivered digitally over the internet after a payment has been processed. This method can include user profiles allowing users to redownload and keep track of purchases made in the past.

With user profiles you get a better picture of who clients are, which can lead to more sales. ecommerce systems can collect contact information including email addresses, purchase history, demographics and other useful information during checkout. Collecting information about users with their permission is a great way to open the door for an opportunity to speak to someone and to hopefully get their repeat business.

Ecommerce sites require a significant amount of attention and effort to grow and maintain in the early stages. It is essential to have the right sales platform, people and processes in place to make sure you do not miss out on any potential sales. Setting up a site with a professional image with appropriate marketing and promotion can be the driving force for a profitable business.

BailRic internet marketing and web design can help you select and implement the appropriate ecommerce solution. Send us an email with any questions and we will be happy to help you get started.