Add Images, Portfolios and Media to Increase Conversions

Adding fresh new high quality images and media to a site is the best way to complement quality content.

The first step is to collect images which will add to the message you want to send. Photography should reflect a brand, even if you do not think you have one. People tend to perceive things for themselves if not guided. This is why you should have a basic idea of a brand so audiences can see things in the correct light. Media can be added to content pages, blog posts, and social media posts. Having the correct media and sending the right message will greatly increase clarity across platforms.

There are a few ways of getting media for a site from free or paid databases, but the best option is to produce your own. There are many ways of creating images easily with a basic digital camera or screen shots. Original content is always the better choice.

Whenever possible you should always provide a portfolio of work, if it can be shown visually. Showcasing work in a portfolio makes it easy to navigate through, which is a benefit for e-commerce, photography and examples of past projects. Sort the content into categories, limited to a select few for a professional looking gallery. Good organization also provides a more user-friendly experience for visitors. Categories will give users the ability to focus on images and videos related to highlighted subjects.

If you have a site that might need a new original content consider Services for more internet marketing solutions.