Advantages of Responsive Web Design?

Most people are now asking “does my site need to be mobile friendly?” The short answer is yes. With the growing number of mobile devices with varying screen sizes and interfaces, mobile compatibility is becoming a major factor for displaying content in a user-friendly way. Responsive websites automatically adjust the layout and menu functions to respond to the viewer’s display resolution.

Responsive web design adds a level of flexibility to your website and enhances the visual appeal in a number of ways. This design method also increases search engine visibility for improved SEO (search engine optimization) resulting in more traffic and more conversions from viewers to customers. By increasing a website’s reach to tablet and mobile users without the additional cost of mobile development, it is easy to see the savings.

As users switch from a laptop to an iPad, responsive web design automatically steps in. It maintains a quality experience no matter how large or small the screen. This feature is most valued by people who need to maintain a competitive, consistent, and professional appearance whether it is an e-commerce store, art blog, media portfolio or business site. Responsive e-commerce web design is one of the fasted growing trends online. As more people use iPad’s, tablets and mobile phones to shop online it has become essential to have a site that provides clients with a barrier-free experience.

Responsive web design makes sites more user-friendly and provides an easy solution while adding an extra competitive advantage to any online presence.

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