The First Six Months Of A SEO Strategy

During the first stages of implementing an Search Engine Optimization strategy, you will need to cross a number of milestones. SEO is a long-term plan and it will take about six months to see measurable results. The first six months is where you lay the foundation for your process and learn what will work for your individual situation. This quick guide will highlight the key monthly milestones and give you strategies of how to best track and build on success.

Month 1

The first and most important step is research, which should be continually reviewed and updated throughout the following steps. Current SEO trends related to your subject area are a good place to start. Have a look at what competitors are doing and find ways to differentiate your brand.

Perform a website audit to find areas of opportunity and the overall capabilities of your website. This review will make sure your design is presentable and attractive for future visitors.

Once your research has started and your website has been updated, you can start keyword planning. The keywords you use should be chosen to suit your implementation strategy. You will want to use different terms depending on where your message is, who you want to attract and when they see the message keeping in mind that you want to lead with your strongest and most relevant material.

Month 2

Technical work begins, including the setup of your SEO analytics. Setting up your tracking system allows you to review results and make changes based on how your audience reacts to different messages.

The next step is to edit content on your website to better refine your overall message. Ensure there is continuity of any new messages you want to send across all webpages and communication materials. This is one of the areas where previous research and keyword planning will help, and should be continually updated and reviewed.

Time to start building a link profile that will help position you in the community. Your profile is made up of the different places online where you would find a link to your site. It’s important to place links in appropriate places. Your links should be placed where your target audience will find them. Otherwise your attracting the wrong people who won’t appreciate the content you provide.

All of the content you create should build on your SEO and keyword strategy.

Month 3

Focus on content creation and planning how much content you will need for a few months in advance. This way if other commitments leave you unable to update, you will have some evergreen content to keep your SEO momentum going. You will want to create blogs, community posts, FAQ page and articles.

Content should expand on company and product information. The content you create now is more descriptive to build a foundation of correlating content so the service you provide is easy to understand. If people are confused or do not understand your goals, you might not have a well-defined plan of what it is you do best. You should always have a test group to review and kick the tires of your content so you can ensure you always send the right message.

Month 4

Continue to create content and gauge how long it takes, so you can plan a realistic schedule. Consistency is key when it comes to search engine optimization as you will need to review and revise your pool of keywords on a regular basis.

More in-depth website optimization should be completed on an ongoing basis. Every time you are able to find an area of improvement means your site will be that much more refined.

Continue to develop the link profile to maximize traffic and attract new audiences where appropriate. It works against you to spam other sits especially if they are not subject related. Search for the a competition and try to place ‘likes’ on the same sites they use to promote themselves, remember to add to the content and do not just add links wherever you can. Be selective.

Month 5

At this point you should start to develop and refine social media accounts, social media management and greatly increase your SEO results. A great way to increase the traffic levels built-in previous months, social media will also add to your link profile and help generate leads. This is also a good time to engage in media outreach and minor PR strategies with a continued focus on creating content.

Month 6

You should now see a healthy and steady increase in traffic. This is a good time to work on conversion rate optimization, as this will allow you to turn more of your traffic into leads or sales. Going forward most efforts should be directed to content creation and promoting that original content.

To build success in the SEO world you will need to be consistent, organized and motivated to complete goals. You will need to pursue and review content on a consistent basis to ensure you build on producing quality work. Organization is important because you will need to schedule when work can be done and released so you get the most of what you put in. Motivation to complete your goals is key to getting results. Following through with your plans and putting in the work is how you keep the results after you have earned your rank on search results.

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