Local advertising & SEO Combined

When advertising at locally there are a number of options including, events, online limited geographically, local radio stations, social media, and newspapers. These options will not only create brand awareness but also help increase revenue. When advertising locally, research the strengths, opportunities, and weaknesses of each medium to better attract the target audience.

Each advertising campaign should have a key incentive to attract new and repeat business. Once you find a strategy that works, it should be highlighted going forward. If a strategy works you should take the time to find ways of improving it for reuse. Everyone knows that local jingle or phrase that particular local companies have used for years. Every business is expected to have a social media presence so you will want to freshen up the social media accounts with new content periodically to maximize results. Campaigns should tie into, social strategies by creating accounts on platforms like Facebook, Google+, twitter or other popular outlets. Increasing customer interaction could lead to more effective customer acquisition.

Internet – Advertising on the internet through search engines or pay per click (PPC) advertising can reach significantly more people in the target market at a low cost. This is also an opportunity to place relevant targeted messages on mediums customers use. Social media is free but it may lead to more traffic on the website, which means increased maintenance and labor for daily contact with customers.

Radio – A direct response radio campaign can be implemented, which is a fully accountable way to grow your business so every dollar that is spent can be traced to the revenue it generated. Radio advertising is time efficient because results can be tracked over a number of weeks. Radio advertising needs expert insight so that it can have a sound strategy and interesting messages based on data.

Events – Local events attract millions of people each year, film festivals, local sports teams, and museums. Sponsoring events should not conflict with the interest of your company as this can lead to mixed messages. Becoming a local trade show sponsor in addition to setting up exhibits will help increase brand awareness, which can help increase market share in the small business sector. Trade show advertising is not guaranteed to work because of advertising saturation at the events. Demographics of the individual events should be reviewed before to ensure they are reaching the right audiences.

Any option combined with quality customer service can also create word of mouth and help differentiate brands from others and will lead to better customer loyalty.

Feedback from customers is very important because it will allow you to better serve them, this will also give a measure of how successful different strategies are. Customer surveys in store or online on Facebook can let them know how to better satisfy your ideal customer. Higher search engines result, increased number of first-time visitors in-store and online, Facebook contact growth or a decline and the comments made. All these will assess the effectiveness of advertising. A successful metrics framework is used to grasp the connection to marketing strategies to defined goals and objectives.