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Elements of Sucessfull Promotional Strategies

Advertising Elements: Signs on the store windows, flyers, ads in the yellow pages, word of mouth, T.V., magazines, and radio. Most of which have a higher cost to run an advertisement than others. All of these techniques include information about their product, store hours, location and contact information. The advertisements usually focus on the service, quality, excitement /happiness-themed, and recognition for past accomplishments, if any.

Pricing and Sales Promotions: The focus should be on giving consumers reasonable prices compared to the rest of the market. The pricing is also based on the type of brand or product. In many cases, similar pricing strategies are used between competitors where they cater to the whole public. When you are considered a top brand or carry a unique product people will be more willing to pay a premium price. When people can find your product elsewhere or do not recognize a brand various types of sales promotions may be needed, including the ones listed below:

  • Discount coupons up to 30% (varying on what type of purchase)
  • Buy 1 get one free
  • Events coupons (birthdays, sports team get-togethers)
  • Customer relationship management such as loyalty card/free gifts… this includes cards that you may get stickers for each purchase then a free product will be given after a number of stickers (opportunity to build customer profile)
  • Competitions for prizes

Public Relations: Public relations marketing such as contributing to different charities or using recyclable materials all help to shows your company is conscious about the world and care about people’s well-being. Marketing in these ways helps to get the word out to the public that the company supports the community and therefore are perceived to be in the “goodwill” position in consumer minds.

Product/Service quality strategies: The staff is also encouraged to be friendly to all consumers and trained to be knowledgeable in all aspects of their products. By having this kind of approach, consumers feel welcome and their expectations are positive when they view the restaurant(s) (positioning)

Distribution strategies: Both primary and secondary competitors of Tony and Jim’s place have similar ways of distribution. In-store service provides the customer with quick service and knowledgeable staff. Ordering for delivery includes different methods such as: over the phone and online ordering, both of which include guaranteed delivery times. The online ordering more complex and is usually used by e-commerce businesses.